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On 2/24/16, coderman <coderman at> wrote:
> On 2/24/16, coderman <coderman at> wrote:
>> ... the barrels of lube must be sent somewhere?!?
> word to the wise: it's significantly cheaper as
>  "industrial birthing fluid" for bovines...
>  the sex shop premiums are absurd! :)

Reminds me of Dead Doctors Don't Lie - an old! audio cassette that did
the rounds before email replaced such things; the bit I always
Various pharmaceutical drugs are way too expensive for farmers to use
them to fix their bovines and other assorted "industrial lubricant"
requiring animals, so they had to use various mineral supplements to
fix the various diseases which mostly also occur in other mammals such
as the bi-pedal oxygen thieves with mono-cellular brains that we are
all too familiar with.

The orator was or had been a vet for many years.

This lead to the self evident presumption that a broad spectrum
mineral supplement (such as unwashed Fukushima sea salt - or perhaps
...) is a generally great general precaution/ preventative for most

Another broad spectrum mineral supplement includes black strap
molasses, which use to be bought and fed to the cows back in the day,
when it was still a waste product of the sugar industry, because it
was such good stuff and contains so many important minerals in a bio
available form and in abundant quantities.

Kelp powder is another one and so delicious you'll wonder why it's not
in your pantry (seriously, you'll need a recipe to make it palatable,
but there is a salad sauce from kelp powder, lemon juice, garlic,
broad spectrum sea salt and tofu, which is absolutely delicious -
gotta get the proportions right though or the kelp can be tasted).

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