EFF to Support Apple in Encryption Battle [ or, WTF EFF!? ]

coderman coderman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 04:55:21 PST 2016

On 2/24/16, Steve Kinney <admin at pilobilus.net> wrote:
> ...
> But in the same press release, EFF endorses absurd non sequiturs
> that demonstrate painful ignorance of the subject matter at hand.
>  The EFF endorses the assertations that the only way to obtain
> access to encrypted data stored on an iPhone is to manually key in
> a password on the device itself,

not the *only* way...

> that removing a software function
> that deletes a stored key hash after n. failed decryption attempts
> voids the security of the encrypted data stored on that device,

not voids, but weakens. Apple creating and signing and deploying said
feature is certainly a measurably more significant risk than if they
did not, right?

the FBI would like such a weakening to exist in a vacuum, yet reality
insists otherwise.

> and that doing this to one iPhone would affect the security of all
> iPhone users.

it does, the question is by how much. (remember the OPM? :)

> Either people without the slightest understanding of how
> cryptography works /or/ how computer forensics works are calling
> the shots at EFF, or someone there has deliberately stood up
> strawmen for the FBI'a attorneys to knock down, or... damn if I know

plenty of fail all around! no need to prune sets so preemptively... ;)

best regards,

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