Questions for Matt DeHart case?

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun Feb 21 16:28:22 PST 2016

What were the grounds for rejection? Is the rejection document publicly 
available? (e.g. on MuckRock/) Thanks!

On 2016-02-21 18:20, coderman wrote:
> On 2/20/16, Douglas Lucas <dal at> wrote:
>> I will be covering Courage beneficiary Matt DeHart's sentencing Monday
>> in Nashville for (@NewsRevo on Twitter).
>> Can anyone suggest questions for his defense team, for his parents
>> (assuming they're not too distraught), for the prosecutors (who will 
>> say
>> no comment)? I would be asking these immediately after the sentencing.
> hello Douglas!
> i'm trying to find out what they drugged Matt with during
> interrogations near the border. i filed a FOIA to get an inventory of
> medical supplies used at the customs and border protection facility,
> which was rejected.
> i'll be starting more targeted inquiries soon, but any additional
> information about this event might be helpful.
> thank you for attending the sentencing!
> best regards,

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