Inside John Kerry's Photo Op With Hollywood Leaders: Anti-ISIS Pow-Wow Yields Few Plans, Ideas

Rayzer Rayzer at
Fri Feb 19 07:55:54 PST 2016

Georgi Guninski wrote:
> As for being "engineered". Governments are doing it to all peasants,
> so your observation that this list is not an exception appears correct
> to me.

For  example...

Ted Smith wrote...

> Interesting article Georgi. What's the cypherpunk angle you see in this?

...which is an example of a socially engineered question.... perhaps
benign, perhaps intended to start a flamewar about such heady things as
'list purpose', and flamebait such as 'list rules' and...

Honestly, my first thought on the topic was:

"Why do you want to know, 'Ted'?"

"You hide, they seek." ~Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

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