The USA "leading" the world - state sovereignty under attack even on a superficial view

Александр afalex169 at
Mon Feb 15 21:53:36 PST 2016

> You can't help but ask yourself, are they really "leading" their nations,
> or obeying US
> orders?
Don't ask, my friend. Just watch their actions (and many times their words
too, when they don't play the ambivalent hypocrisy game)

One can't help but wonder, when will these nations stand up for their
> sovereignty?
Nations? In Europe? Oh... i don't see any nations there since many many
years. I see a bunch of lost people without any national ​and moral
landmarks (accept the doctrine of eat, sleep, entertain and the liberal OR
the fascism boolshit).
So... there are no Nations (with big N) to stand up.

* for the trolls:
national landmarks/patriotism are not equal to fascism.
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