De-dollarization possibly about to snowball

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Sun Feb 14 22:06:33 PST 2016

> Uncle Sam has this one locked down tight.
> As I explained here, it would take a total collapse of global finance
> to even begin to get the ball rolling away from dollar hegemony.
> And as I also explained here, the pain of such a collapse would be
> borne primarily by emerging markets like Russia, China, etc.
> And that's the last thing those countries want.
> So as long as the dollar remains the world's reserve currency,
> “de-dollarization” of the oil trade means nothing to the dollar.
> It's certainly a good idea for the countries involved.
> But America could care less.
> "

Well, American exporters would be quite happy if the flight from
the petro-dollar devalued the currency a bit. We could maybe sell
some stuff then.

The banksters are probably starting to figure out that student-loan
debt-servitude is going to end quite badly unless we have a little
real-world goods and wage inflation while the suckers who bought
bonds are getting less than 1%.

The rest of the world is paying the fed to hold their money, and
thankfully we've now got Bitcoin to keep anti-inflation quacks 
occupied with something shinier and easier to track than gold.

Besides, what's the point of trading in oil when we have mountains
of corn to make into ethanol and a battery megafactory getting built
to run a bunch of luxury self-driving cars?

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