Self Preservation and Irreversible Decline [was: Electronic Freedom Foundation selective in support of freedom]

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Thu Feb 11 07:00:02 PST 2016

> > that for corruption to spread that far, it must be pervasive throughout
> > society, not through some separate thing called "the State." Which means if
> > the State is really that corrupt, revolution may well be impossible, and
> > the only solution may be war by other states.
> first to global netwar win retains ever-after dominance?  perhaps an
> ever more empowered individual gives world time; need only wait for
> fight by the right watermeatbag to fill the role demanded...
> > ... Instead, revolution will
> > happen not because the State is extremely corrupt, since that would require
> > a corrupt society, but because it is weak and the people perceive it as
> > corrupt.
> i get what you're laying down.  i'm voting for Bernie too...  *grin*

.... hrrm .....

> > In the forward of an obscure book I've started reading, The Omega Seed by
> > Paolo Soleri, the forward author talks about how the Christians, instead
> > of continually trying to fight ineffectual revolts against the Romans as
> > their Jewish forebears had, instead focused on building communities. I
> > think we need to focus not only on building communities where we're
> > connected to one another, but where we're strongly connected to people
> > around us who may not share our exact beliefs.
> indeed. i've enjoyed great conversation with people across every
> corner of the political spectrum. there's more than enough common
> ground to go around, if we can get past the habit forming narcotic of
> outrage pr0n on media propaganda lambdas...
> one side effect of such ideological purity purges in intelligence
> community is the erosion of technical talent and capability. drunk
> twice over on offensive suites too sweet for non-discreet, now is
> reckoning with interest past due!

Well, doesn't this really mean we should be voting for Trump to really
get the purges going?

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