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Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Wed Feb 10 02:43:25 PST 2016

> Authoritarian much lately, shakeitoff at  No matter:
> The CPunks list will not censor you.

But laugh and ridicule, yes we scan.
> > The ideal would be idea to have more code, more crypto.
> Please cite examples of your contributions to the creation,
> vetting, promotion, defense of, or end user tech support for "more
> code, more crypto."

What we need is less code, and crypto you can run with a
pencil and an notebook. And cpunks is good practice to 
keep your wits about you.
> > However, as you said, it might be a lost cause. Which is quite 
> > sad, considering what it originally represented. But thanks
> > for writing this nonetheless :)
> It would make sense to abandon PC trolling of the CPunks list as a
> lost cause.  Most of the participants in the CPunks list self
> identify as Anarchist or Libertarian, both of which indicate high
> sales resistance to New Left ideology.  You will not beat a crowd
> that includes veterans of USENET in open battle.  Uncommitted
> third parties do not know or care that the CPunks list exists, so
> what potentially receptive audience do you address?

It's kinda hilarious. Personally I've developed a nice sales
resistance to neo-anarchist and fasco-libertarian ideology, 
*cough* bitcoin *cough* which I actually find more irritating
than the New Left BS.

As for beating a crowd of USENET veterans.. Didn't that crowd
all decide it's easier to whore themselves out to the spooks 
to pay the mortgage rather than look at how crypto might enable
distributed authoritarian-resistant financial systems? 

If Bitcoin is the answer I'm going to be laughing for weeks.

And really, what's with all the slut-shaming?? Come on, have 
some respect for the oldest profession in the world. If we're
actually going to discuss a real important cpunk issue maybe
it should be to show some respect for the whores as they would
be in the best position to infect the system.

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