USA To Require Govt Issued ID To Use Internet, No More Anonymous

juan juan.g71 at
Tue Feb 9 07:31:08 PST 2016

On Mon, 8 Feb 2016 10:00:47 -0800
Rayzer <Rayzer at> wrote:

> The problem is when you ON YOUR BIKE, or someone in a car, decides to
> run into me.

	Now it turns out that bicycles are a mortal threat too and
	 bicycle users must be regulated by the 'collective', or for
	the time being, by the state? 

	And why would I or anybody else decide to run into you? You are
	not talking about accidents anymore? The thing is, there are
	quite a few different means people could use if they consciously
	decided to harm you. 

> (Take my word for it, you're VERY vulnerable Juan.
> Ride carefully. Like your life depends on it.)
	Thanks for your concern...Yes, anybody can slip in the bathroom
	and break his neck. 

> That's the hazard of a me-first society that's jettisoned
> proof-of-liability. 

	Are you willing to require 'proof of liability' for people
	engaging in any allegedly dangerous activity?

> It becomes "my tire iron is bigger than your knife
> but his Glock trumps both" Libertardianist feudalism.

	So you see nothing wrong with collectivism - the 'anarchist'
	authority of the 'herd' (in practice a de-facto state of
	course) over individuals and your analysis of the alternative 
	system is just...a lame caricature of it?

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