USA To Require Govt Issued ID To Use Internet, No More Anonymous

Rayzer Rayzer at
Mon Feb 8 10:00:47 PST 2016

juan wrote:
> Problem is, this not your riseup echo chamber...

OMFG! There's a 'problem'!

The problem is when you ON YOUR BIKE, or someone in a car, decides to
run into me.

(Take my word for it, you're VERY vulnerable Juan.
Ride carefully. Like your life depends on it.)

That's the hazard of a me-first society that's jettisoned
proof-of-liability. It becomes "my tire iron is bigger than your knife
but his Glock trumps both" Libertardianist feudalism.

"Through counter-intelligence it should be possible to pinpoint potential trouble-makers ... And neutralize them, neutralize them, neutralize them"

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