Self Preservation and Irreversible Decline [was: Electronic Freedom Foundation selective in support of freedom]

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> >> This highlights for me personally how programmed I am in my
> >> think, and how useful it is to be perpetually reminded of at
> >> least one or two of the limitations of said think. But shit,
> >> it's embarrassing how programmed I am...
> >
> > Well, once you realize you are programmed, then you are not
> > programmed anymore =P
> I so VERY much wish that was true!  I have worked on
> 'deprogramming' myself since age 17 or 18, with some degree of
> success - but only in proportion to the amount of effort expended
> X the amount of time spent pushing, pushing, pushing.  Have I
> moved off 'square one' yet?  I think so, but sometimes I have my
> doubts.

Completely agree

And we dont live in a vacuum

There are actually these beings that state a determinant life > everyone
decides what happens to them > and this is just one aspect of what a
self-actualized person is up against

There are serious fucked up forces at work if you dont think so just look
into the story of tesla

> Early on I arrived at the conclusion that "Knowing better changes
> nothing."  Identifying a self defeating mental complex only
> indicates a need to start programming its replacements.  Without
> effective tools in hand, "knowing better" only leads to denial and
> rationalization:  The higher one's verbal IQ and the broader one's
> general information, the faster and better defensive self
> deception works.
> The Zen aphorism "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water;
> after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water" may apply here.  Even
> a fundamental, revolutionary change in perceived personal identity
> does not magically flush out a lifetime of beliefs, habits, and
> information belonging to some hypothetical "old self" that has
> supposedly been overturned.  Enlightenment does not stop the flow
> of incoming propaganda, nor does it cancel the established
> relationships and dependencies with the external world that define
> a person as a social and economic entity.  That thunderous,
> world-shattering AHA! moment, if it comes, will at best present a
> series of new and more difficult mountains to climb.

Yes ... have you seen the series > how we got to now > ???

There arent really aha moments it is a build

But i would say you take this too far its like the axiom of the alcoholic
admitting there is a drinking problem is half the battle

> >> I sure f-ing hope -one- of these days I can give "the Juan
> >> clarification" (at least to myself/ in my head) before you
> >> yourself do so.
> >
> > I don't want to claim more credit than I deserve, which is
> > basically...none.
> >
> > Wow. (Still there's no new thought under the Sun, but how hard
> > is it to shake one's programming.)
> Bob Wilson got on that particular bus sometime in the 1960s.  By
> the 1980s spreading the gospel of self-deprogramming became his
> major mission in life.  I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the
> cognitive tools presented here:
> .pdf
> Yesterday someone asked me for a "Cliff Notes" version of Wilson's
> video Maybe Logic, itself a condensed / introductory gloss of his
> written works on self deprogramming.  I had to advise him that
> "Cliff Notes" approaches to political and existential problems can
> only make them worse...
> >>>>
> s-governance/
> I
> >>>>
> like to define politics as the process flow of power
> relationships in a society.  In this context, blaming systemic
> political failures on broken State institutions or malicious
> actors wielding State power can not produce practical solutions.
> These problems arise mutually; neither can do its nefarious work
> without the other, so repairing either allows the other to undo
> the repair job - and creates an institutional memory to immunizing
> the State against repetition of those repairs.

And ignoring the repeat button played by the parasite of the mind in our
own lives is never getting off the merry go round

I would argue that the state has not only immunized itself against repair
but learned work arounds in order to amp the build of state power

See dick cheney - bombs panama ... experiences no lasting backlash as
secretary of state then bombs iraq as vp with relative ease

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