USA To Require Govt Issued ID To Use Internet, No More Anonymous

juan juan.g71 at
Sun Feb 7 13:07:17 PST 2016

On Sun, 7 Feb 2016 12:45:18 -0800
Rayzer <Rayzer at> wrote:

> Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > This simply does not follow. Juan made a simple logical response
> > that "no, just because I choose to drive on a public road, does not
> > mean I actually agree to display a license plate"
> >
> > As a fact, Juan's logic is true.
> >
> > This can also be extended:
> > - driving on a road does not mean driver -wants- to display a
> > license plate
> NO one but you gives a fuck what YOU or Juan wants and it's obvious
> your lives are quite sheltered or you would have discovered that by
> now.

	I would be hardly surprised if 'anarchist' rayzer is in the
	same category as 'anarchist' chomsky.

	(I on the other hand live a relatively poor life in a 'third
	world' country...)

	Regardless, it's quite obvious that 'anarchist' rayzer doen't
	have much of a clue about political philosophy. 

	It's not clear why he joined a mailing list that isn't a
	'commie' mailing list, and why he whines when his sick
	'collectivistic' garbage gets the treatment it deserves. 


> Growing up and taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY by 'whatever means
> necessary' for the humans around you, is something you and Juan
> apparently need to learn, before, in real life, someone 'schools you'.
> Albeit my experience is most people who think like you get stomped on
> the second you broach 'me uber alles' to someone you've damaged in
> some way.
> So, by extension, I assume neither of you 'get out much'.

	You couldn't come up with more content-free bullshit even if
	you hired the likes of chomsky to write bullshit for you.

> In other words, for your own personal safety, if you injure someone
> with your uninsured smog-belcher, make sure you kill them or at least
> injure them so they can't do the same injury back to you.

	The only vehicle I bought in my whole life was a bicycle.

	Then again, that has nothing to do with the fact that the only
	thing  you can do is parrot collectivistic garbage - garbage
	you can't justify.

	Problem is, this not your riseup echo chamber...


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