Self Preservation and Irreversible Decline [was: Electronic Freedom Foundation selective in support of freedom]

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This one got lost to the wrong reply button, and I have an addition now too...

On 1/17/16, Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:
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>>> I guess that's the ultimate propaganda success really - not being
>>> aware that your country is always at war, and pretty much always has
>>> been. War is the ultimate rejection and domination of the sovereignty
>>> of other nations and individuals.
>> next question:
>>  can you have nation states without war?
> That would require a truly benevolent 'dictator' at the top ... Gandhi
> when prime minister of India was shot by one of his own security
> guards, the Israeli prime minister who got in on a "peace with
> Palestinians" platform some years back got shot (by an Israeli),  the
> only two US presidents who (attempted to) print greenbacks rather than
> borrow from the banks (i.e. reclaim the government's constitutional
> money power), got shot, ...
> the odds for such leaders don't look so good...
> On the other hand, Iceland has jailed at least 26 bankers so far:
> so perhaps there's hope... they ousted two full parliaments to get
> there though, to full new elections and finally a year(?) long
> population-wide new constitution creation which on the face of it
> appears to be genuinely by the people themselves, and also clearly
> -for- themselves, having rejected any bail-in or bail-out for the
> failed commercial private banks that brought that country to its
> financial knees.
> Seems a genuinely community-based groundswell is needed for genuinely
> 'good' change, if nothing else...

In iceland, some portion of mortgage debts were forgiven also:
"Reports from 2012 (many of which were written by U.S. media outlets)
noted that while Iceland forgave a large amount of mortgage debt in
order to boost the economy's recovery from a financial crisis, this
action did not entail entirely wiping out all home mortgages held by
all citizens of Iceland. Rather, it involved forgiving a portion of
some mortgage debt that was tied to inflation:"

Sad thing is, a great story got bullshitted by sensationalist crap
news, and so Snopes has a field day saying how false it all is,
although they do provide the above quoted paragraph to their credit.

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