The Intercept steps up after catching a reporter faking data and sources

juan juan.g71 at
Thu Feb 4 11:55:44 PST 2016

On Wed, 3 Feb 2016 13:51:08 -0800
Rayzer <Rayzer at> wrote:

> juan wrote:
> > 	You didn't realize that the intercept is a propaganda
> > outlet of the 'good' 'progressive' american lefties? Financed by a
> > high ranking american corporatist, the owner of ebay*? 
> Poor people in ghettos don't have the resources to make a dent in the
> MSM's grip on the 'Merican mind 

	That is not really the point. And poor and 'middle class'
	people can pool their resources.

	The point is that a capo of the american corporatist mafia like
	ebay owner is not going to do anything that actually hurts the
	interestst of the government mafia and his own. Do you need a
	right winger like me to tell you that? =) 

> and Glenn Greenwald is NOT a part of
> what you refer to as "'progressive' american lefties". 

	Well Greenwald seems to have been influenced by libertarian
	ideas so he must be a 'right winger'? =)

	On the other hand, I don't think publishes stuff from
	right wingers...

	The thing is, although greenwald is rather good when compared
	to the 'mainstream' journalistic mafia, the snowden affair and
	his colaboration with hihg ranking mafiosos look pretty much
	like a fiasco.


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