Impressive US shamelessness

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Wed Feb 24 15:10:44 PST 2016

No it's -not- a bash America list, it's a name the fucking shovel
list. Since Syria is no longer "just a little CIA regime change op",
the 'big guns' find it difficult to hide their true intentions (which,
as we see from the very end of this article, are often times precise
embedded as their accusations of others :)

What a world we live in...


Kerry Says If Ceasefire Fails He May Partition Syria

Because, you know, God made him the owner of Syria

Mark Nicholas

That's Western 'nation-building' and international law for you

John Kerry is an incredible motivator! He has just told (
) Syrian jihadi-controlled (
) rebellion that all it has to do is sabotage the upcoming ceasefire
he has agreed to with Moscow and he will reward them with a mini-state
carved out from Syria. What better incentive to abide by the deal and
cease hostilities could he possibly give them?

    John Kerry, the US secretary of state, has said he will move
towards a plan B that could involve a partition of Syria if a planned
ceasefire due to start in the next few days does not materialize, or
if a genuine shift to a transitional government does not take place in
the coming months.

Oh yes, you may have thought that "partition" is a bad word, but
that's only true when the Russians do it (
). When Americans partition a foreign country (Korea, Vietnam,
Yugoslavia, Serbia, Sudan) that is actually a good thing.

Which presents us with a problem since Kerry is apparently willing to
invite Putin to help with the partition:

    Kerry suggested partition could form part of an eventual solution,
saying “this can get a lot uglier and Russia has to be sitting there
evaluating that too. It may be too late to keep it as a whole Syria if
it is much longer”.

    It is the first time Kerry has spoken of partition, although some
believe Putin would be content to see this happen.

This creates a moral problem for us because while a unilateral
partition of Syria by the virtuous US would be a good thing, a joint
US-Russian partition would be tainted by the virtue of having evil
Russian paws over it.

Hopefully the Russian nation-breaking dictator will decline the offer
of the nation-building Obama Administration official and avert the
possibility of American-Russian collusion in breaking up a sovereign
third country.

PS. Wasn't it just a short few weeks ago that the West was accusing
Moscow of plotting partition of Syria (
) ?  How times change.

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