Goodternets, Badternets, Mediocrinets... [was Re: [Fwd: Multiple Internets]]]

coderman coderman at
Wed Feb 24 03:52:44 PST 2016

On 2/9/16, Ted Smith <tedks at> wrote:
> In an effort to re-seed discussion about cypherpunk topics I'll be
> reposting old threads from the cypherpunks list in a rough "this day in
> cpunks" effort.
> In this mail, John Young analyzes the subclasses of "the internet" as a
> user might see.

while i applaud your efforts, i disagree with your presumption to be
able to surmize from the rants of John Young, what John Young was
intending to say to an audience, rather than what he was evoking as
reaction to the content of the message so presented to same audience.


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>> From: John Young <jya at>
>> ...
>> I agree, but I think it's highlighting an underlying issue that we've
>> been letting the wrong sort of people on the internet for a long time.

here is the crux of the issue! and i agree whole heartedly.

the problem with the internets, is the earth humans let upon it. and
in the best of the best of exclusive internets, it is the choice earth
humans who make it all worthwhile.

best regards,
 to all earth humans - poor, mediocre, and excellent alike!

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