I'll reveal the scandal I've been sitting on that's on the scale of Making a Murderer

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 09:08:56 PST 2016

I've inferred that somehow I'm being investigated as part of the 2013 Santa
Monica College mass shooting which has taken a suspiciously long time to
issue a report regarding (typically it appears to take a year or less).
I've been subjected to police harassment before and after that point
though. For legal reasons I can't explain further. Yes, exceptional claims
require exceptional evidence.

Fortunately systems are incapable of treating people as individuals, so
there must be others. Obviously the claims of "gangstalking" are nuts. But
there is the Rancid Honeytrap. http://i.imgur.com/19i7ik1.png Who for some
reason is being trolled by Wikileaks? And Greenwald seems to be fine with
people trolling him?

Perhaps there is now probable cause for a reasonable person to conclude
that there's the potential of a pattern of government misconduct waiting to
be uncovered.

I made every reasonable effort to contact various advocacy / legal aid
organizations when I felt I had enough evidence to merit some help and they
have rejected me (I've sent large envelopes to them of multiple pages). I
have made anonymous letters to various journalists hoping they would
attempt to investigate a possible pattern of misconduct but I have seen no
evidence that they have done it yet. I do not plan on acknowledging those
anonymous letters as they were made a while ago, my memory isn't so great,
and they could have been intercepted and modified in transit (especially
since I didn't sign them).

Now I'm going to shift to a rather benevolent interpretation of public

Dianne Feinstein condemns Hoover, but the times were much more ambiguous in
the Cold War, the commies were funding and supporting radicals, and there
was a greater quantity of Progressive terrorism then than Islamic terrorism
today (although the quality seems to be different since people are more
afraid of Islamic terrorism). Director Comey condemns Hoover. Senator Wyden
asked Clapper a question in public, under oath, and Clapper lied. Wyden is
on the Senate's oversight committee over Clapper and Clapper still has his
job. Lying to Congress is obviously an impeachable offense (unless Congress
wants people to be employed by the taxpayers who lie to Congress).

Clearly all these people are under duress, if their public statements are
to taken as sincere expressions of opinion. Only legally allowed
explanation I can give.

An employee of the ACLU says: Over the past three years, it has become
clear that the government often performs legal acrobatics in order to
justify surveillance that was never authorized by Congress in the first
place. Such acrobatics appear to extend to the NSA’s “Upstream
surveillance,” which it operates under Section 702. (
https://www.justsecurity.org/29161/questions-congress-section-702/ )

Perhaps Neema Singh Guliani is simply not representing the ACLU properly,
afterall the ACLU sued the government over FISA on the grounds it would
intercept privileged communications. (
). The same law granted retroactive immunity to telecommunications
companies, authorizing their complicity in warrantless wiretapping. But
then again, the ACLU isn't simply a legal aid organization, Ben Wizner is
acting as a secretary for Snowden, assisting him in setting up
videoconferences. And there's no legal acrobatics involved in that

Maybe a journalist will contact me after I post this, to which I won't
respond for one of two reasons: you're complicit and you're aware, or you
have failed to engage in an investigative followup, the type you like to
second guess the police about.

I do think this is an opportunity for our members of Congress to start a
joint committee to investigate. Naturally I won't testify unless I'm given
immunity, but I'm also willing to waive all legal liability against any
party willing to testify before Congress if I'm granted immunity. I only
desire the truth.
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