Tacit Futures: Building Snowden Archives (with Cryptome)

Michael Best themikebest at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 10:33:30 PST 2016

Audio only:

Anyone know of a video source?

Today, WikiLeaks is building an unprecedented library consisting of
millions of leaked documents, thereby advancing a seminal world heritage
form. Its immediate prehistory as well as its latest offspring will be
investigated in the *Tacit Futures* dialogues. Participants will explore
Cryptome.org, which is widely considered the precursor of digital leaking
platforms, and which has been the first organization to start
systematically collecting Snowden documents. Moreover the discussion will
dive into projects building Snowden archives such as the Snowden Document
Search, the Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive, and the Snowden
Archive-in-a-Box. Bringing together pioneering archivists of the files
leaked by Snowden, this round table is a culturally significant world
premiere, aiming to reflect the motivations and challenges experienced by
each initiative.

*Tacit Futures: Diving Into Snowden Archives* is the follow-up to
UN|COMMONS and a cooperation between Berliner Gazette and transmediale in
the context of the Tacit Futures project by Berliner Gazette
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