the art of sane debate - how to trigger a Lefty par excellence - you can't cuck the Tuck, vol. 5

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Fri Dec 9 03:05:25 PST 2016

We live in an age where audio visual examples of those things we might
like to learn about are a click away. In this case, the example is on
how to debate, or how to not debate, depending on your point of view,
with point of view being a fundamental to debate in the first instance.

Having not successfully engaged in High School debating, examples such
as these I find entirely utilitarian, you must understand..

E.g. hypocrisy being a primary tool of the Liberal/Left - in this case
"first call anyone you disagree with "literally Hitler" and in addition,
then baselessly accuse them of hate speech."

The intense irony in this one-two tactic is usually lost on the Lefty.

The following is insanely funn^B, well probably boring irrelevant and
really beneath you if you're an extremist Liberal Lefty.

If on the other hand you appreciate some of the simpler fundamentals
of debate, of the difference between facts and name calling rhetoric,
then Tucker Carlson has grown a serious set of kanackers.

So for a primer on sane debate, as well as how to handle extremist
Liberal Lefties, welcome to You Can't Cuck The Tuck, episode 6.

Tucker Carlson tonight interviews Erin “Hissing Weasel” Schrode:

View it and weep in alt-righty schadenfreude or alt-lefty misery.

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