Snowden on the Twitters

oshwm oshwm at
Wed Sep 30 12:45:32 PDT 2015

On 30/09/15 10:39, coderman wrote:
> On 9/30/15, Oshwm <oshwm at> wrote:
>> Which is ok but some of the objects loaded by the onion come from
>> and not the onion.
> two images, and piwik.js for analytics - none necessary, and this a problem?

Yeh, it's a big problem, those three objects link your use of the onion
with your use of and any other website you might use that
is hosted via CF.
At the very least, for any organisation who wants to be associated with
privacy or freedom movements then this is negligence.

> sure, they should fix it. but far from evidence of complicity or negligence...
> i have emailed them about the resources linked from the hidden
> service, but again, i don't fault them if they don't address it soon.
> it's NBD, honestly!

If they maintain their aloofness and satisfaction with not giving a fuck
about their end users then I don't expect them to change them - worst
case scenario they are supposed to be there, hopefully not.

> best regards,

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