Snowden on the Twitters

Oshwm oshwm at
Wed Sep 30 01:15:11 PDT 2015

Which is ok but some of the objects loaded by the onion come from and not the onion.

We have become so used to free or cheap web services that we now allow third parties to view or intercept our traffic as an acceptable business practice.

Hosting providers, CDN, Web App Firewalls - all of them can see what you're doing and the bigger ones can collate all that and form a better picture of you.

Better hope they're all really nice, trustworthy people :D

On 30 September 2015 08:45:53 BST, coderman <coderman at> wrote:
>On 9/30/15, Oshwm <oshwm at> wrote:
>> ...
>> I contacted one of the guys from about this and his
>> was that it was an acceptable risk because they were being DDoS'd.
>they have an onion:
>  http://freepress3xxs3hk.onion/
>use it to avoid CF entirely!
>best regards,

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