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I've never successfully installed or used the Android APK. Without that there's very, very little point to Tox over just using Jitsi meet, especially when Jitsi's UX design and performance are so good for non-techies.

If paranoid, run JM on own domain. No Android app but works on Android mobile Chromium, which does prevent a trust issue because compiling chromium is torture and auditing it is extremely awkward thanks to the pull-in-source-during-the-build process.

Would like to see Tox work in a way compatible with my contacts, but only a small hamdful *could* use it and none of them *would*.

On 28 September 2015 10:22:53 IST, rysiek <rysiek at> wrote:
>Dnia niedziela, 27 września 2015 23:50:32 Juan pisze:
>> On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 20:52:01 -0700
>> coderman <coderman at> wrote:
>> > On 9/26/15, Juan <juan.g71 at> wrote:
>> > > ...
>> > > 
>> > > 	I've been playing with tox(thanks rysiek!) and it looks
>> > > 
>> > > rather interesting. I noticed however that it's not listed here
>> > > 
>> > >
>> > 
>> > i am not saying the scorecard is worthless, but rather, it is at
>> > a signal for subpar projects doing things obviously wrong.
>> 	Oh, I wasn't commenting on the security of the software listed
>> 	or tox in particular.
>> 	What I meant is that tox is an interesting project and maybe
>> 	more publicity from eff would help.
>I'm testing it on my non-techie friends and I think it needs a bit more
>I mean, for the most part it works and is already much, much more
>usable than 
>XMPP+Jingle or SIP/SIMPLE SNAFUs, and actually possible to set-up by a
>techie person, but it also does experience occasional crashes, and
>has problems re-connecting to DHT upon user switching the physical
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