How Putin Controls the Internet and Popular Opinion in Russia

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>  >  Por curiosidad, vos seguis siendo 'afin' y 'leal' a amati y el
>  >  resto de bolsas de mierda de la mafia bitcoin argenta?
> No hablo Espanol, senor.

	Apologies. The thing is, sometimes mail from the list
	don't seem to come (only) from the list. Yours for instance
	apparently was sent both to my address directly and to the
	list. And your message also has a "Reply-To: jim bell
	<jdb10987 at ...> field. Same thing happened with Brenda's message.

	So, I asked Brenda if she is still loyal to the local
	(argentina) bitcoin mafia. 

> This reminds me of something that happened in prison in 2006.  I was
> cellies in the SHU (solitary, sort of) with a Mexican, who was
> illiterate in both English and Spanish.  He'd received some sort of
> official letter, in Spanish, probably from the Mexican government.
> I don't understand (nearly all) Spanish, but I understood, in
> general, how to pronounce Spanish.  So, I "read" the letter to him,
> not understanding it at all, and HE understood what I was reading!  I
> was careful to explain to him that despite the fact I was reading it
> in Spanish, I had no idea what I was reading actually meant.

	That's a great story =) 

>     Jim Bell 

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