FCC NPRM seeks to end open SDR

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Wed Sep 23 04:46:30 PDT 2015

On 9/22/15, wirelesswarrior at safe-mail.net <wirelesswarrior at safe-mail.net> wrote:
> ... When the idea of classifying them as instruments was
> floated in the early days of the GnuRadio list (by Steve Schear) he
> cautioned to make sure the products weren't called anything that might even
> vaguely sound like a wireless device. Evidently the marketing people at
> these companies knew better.

it worked well, while it lasted... :)

> End-user controlled software signal generation and capture techniques are
> now widely in use by premium instrument manufacturers. If the FCC attempts
> to curtail the frequencies, modulation types, etc. by these these test
> instruments I think there will be manufacturers screaming bloody murder.

truly Classic Coke a recipe well loved and made verboten none the less.

"Real SDR" will become illegal; no longer exist.

"Consumer SDR" will eat the binary blobs of emission compliant
crippled chipsludge.

"Test Equipment" again a popular category. like "water pipe" where you
used to put your bong, you'll not dare ask about amplified front-ends
or frequency focused antennas attendant with your ADC/DAC test device
- your lab is already stocked!

best regards,
  from the Wideband TestKit at Faraday Barn :)

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