Windows 10

Georgi Guninski guninski at
Wed Sep 23 04:14:38 PDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 04:37:39AM +0000, Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Brenda Fernández <me at> writes:
> >W10 is free and it's being pushed hard by MS. They even force W7 and W8 users
> >to download it when they aren't interested in 'upgrading'. So, if the product
> >is free for you, who is the customer?
> You're the product, not Windows.  That was the good thing about the old
> Microsoft (yes, there were good things about them), they took your money and
> left you alone to do whatever you wanted with their software.  Now, like
> Google (where you're entirely the product, for sale to anyone with money) and
> Apple (where you're still the product, but the sole customer is Apple),
> they're turning their customers into the product.
> (Not to mention that W10 has moved even further along the path of treating
> your PC like a cellphone.  It's possibly the first GUI I've used that was
> literally painful to use, the all-white-all-the-time UI theme was like staring
> into a lightbox, my eyes hurt after an hour of two of setting up a neighbour's
> PC).
> Peter.

Microsoft starts to fix Start Menu in new Windows 10 preview
Yippee, now you can have 2,048 entries – but why is there a limit?

Do they still run activex in their browser?

AFAICT they mitigate digitally signed malware with technology 
something like "kill biLL" or maybe "kill biT".

Or is flash sufficiently good substitute?

NSAKEY already found?

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