How Putin Controls the Internet and Popular Opinion in Russia

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Tue Sep 22 10:30:09 PDT 2015

On 09/22/2015 05:26 AM, rysiek wrote:
> They are both fucked up, in many *different* (systemic racism in the US; 
> systemic homophobia in Russia), and several *similar* ways (oligarchy running 
> things). And yet they are able to play us, because predominantly we simply 
> cannot see the bigger picture and cannot seem to understand *anything* more 
> complicated than the simplified beyond belief "USA BAD RUSSIA GOOD" (or the 
> other way around) worldview.

For so many years now the geopolitical 'grand game' has been "Good
Cop/Bad Cop", "Mutt and "Jeff" played on the typically indigenous
people-d extractive resources nations (and in other ways against the
west's manufacturing satraps) by the US AND Russia. Either you pick one
side or the other or we have a war in YOUR country where YOUR people get
killed and your society/way of life destroyed. There are no "nice guys".
On the other hand I bristle when Syria's ally is accused of warmongering
for doing what allies are supposed to do. Come to their defense in the
traditional manner against an army of mercenaries that the West claims
on one hand to be fighting, and on the other, had a large part in it's

Americans just sat idly by with their thumbs up their asses in denial
while the State Dept and CIA created AQv2 from the Libyans we hired to
sodomize Muammar al-Gadaffi with swords, and if the Russians want to
eradicate that threat to Syria and the region, have at it.

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