How Putin Controls the Internet and Popular Opinion in Russia

James A. Donald jamesd at
Sun Sep 20 19:27:32 PDT 2015

James A. Donald pisze:
>> The fact that Russia is being subverted by the USA, that the USA is
>> attempting to overthrow the Russian government, does make that
>> government's efforts to defend itself and its people against foreign
>> influence OK.

On 2015-09-18 9:04 AM, rysiek wrote:
> See, I was juuuuust about to start arguing with you, but then...
>> McCarthy was right to defend the US against Soviet influence, and Putin
>> is right to defend Russia against US influence.

> ...this happened. Are you saying Putin's crackdown on "foreign agents"[1] is
> as reasonable, well-funded and justified as mccarthyism was? Well, can't argue
> with that!

We now know that everyone that McCarthy claimed was a Soviet agent was 
in fact on the Soviet payroll.

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