Linux Foundation' Linux workstation security checklist

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Sep 17 12:00:46 PDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 10:48 AM, Blibbet <blibbet at> wrote:
> Quoting a tweet from Joanna if Invisible Things Lab, on the topic of
> older hardware (than Purism's current choice):
> "and old systems do not have IOMMU (VT-d) which makes them even less
> secure, trustworthy."

Question this in regards to number of gates available / needed
for secret malefactor vs gatecount timeline vs time at which govt
agencies and corp might desire and begin to cooperate or
independantly perform same.
ie: Are your your 486 or p55c and chipsets likely to contain malware?
What about your Skylake?
Given how ATT / Verizon / Sprint and others totally rolled over for
Bush/911 what makes you think Intel or AMD or Microsoft are
any different?
WTF is up with windows 10? As if 7 vista and xp and Ubuntu
Linux weren't enough.

search: AnandTech, Intel has now stopped quoting gatecount with Skylake.

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