Fwd: Do ethnic Germans have the right to racial and cultural strength? - was Re: At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves.

Cathal Garvey cathalgarvey at cathalgarvey.me
Thu Sep 17 06:19:28 PDT 2015

The governing party in Germany is called the Christian Democrats. If 
Religion is some sort of nasty contagion that needs to be stamped out, 
Germany's got bigger problems than some desperate immigrants.

Religion isn't a nasty contagion, btw. Assholes are, and they're all 
over the place, religion or no. Just look at the bullshit racism in this 
thread; anyone see religious inspiration to that? Not so far from me, 
just regular ole' secular race/religion hate. Nothing new there.

Maybe, just maybe, "National Identity"/"Racial and Cultural Strength" is 
a load of bullshit, and far more of a threat to human flourishing than 
believing in usually-benevolent Sky Gods.

On 17/09/15 05:59, grarpamp wrote:
>>> defend that an influx of immigrants that amounts to 0,03% (yes, three-
> Does 3000 case per 10M prevalance of ebola warrant response?
> Is not religion [viewed as] infectious highly incurable / offensive disease?
> What is the burden on social bootstrap / welfare systems?
> These are some of the contexts in which they are thinking.
> In addition to their fanatical control freakery and head in sand
> of closed borders. You probably can rightfully protect yourself
> as a soverign, so long as your walls don't prevent those within
> from leaving.
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