I've never been into Astrology, but...

Razer Rayzer at riseup.net
Sun Sep 13 11:55:59 PDT 2015


Check the band he used to front, World Entertainment War
(free music)

> World Entertainment War Fights the Genocide of the Imagination
> We will succeed where the paranoids have failed!
> We will take back the airwaves from the entertainment criminals!
> Long live the primordial music of our televisionary revolution!

A Post-Punk Post-New Wave Jazz-Rock Industrial pagan ritual in music
designed to take the media back from the entertainment criminals and
hopefully turn it around and use it against them... Pre-Adbusters.

> What time is it, boys and girls?
> It's time for the Dark Ages!
> Your nightmares and traumas
> can make you rich and famous
> Commercials can teach you
> all that you need to know
> Kiss my flag    Don't look back
> The past is gaining on us
> Read my lips    Watch my hips
> These are the Dark Ages
> George Orwell's dream came true
> But no one realizes
> It crushed us so nicely
> with so much wit and style
> Entertainment might as well be
> just like a rocket launcher
> Too bad it's in the hands of the enemy
> Nobody believes me
> And so I know that I'm right
> Charisma addiction gives me a deja vu
> Is this like Germany in the 1930s?
> Do we have to live through the apocalypse again?
> Might be the Dark Ages
> But we're so happy
> Happy to be here today
> You never know when you
> might have to face the censor
> So I don't pretend to
> want to make too much sense
> Revolution on TV
> in far-off distant countries
> Too bad it's just another mini-series here
> Nobody believes me
> And so I know that I'm right
> Charisma hangover
> has got to wear off soon
> Could this be like Eastern Europe
> in the 1990s?
> Will we ever get a chance
> to have Perestroika here?


On 09/12/2015 06:28 PM, jim bell wrote:
> http://hexagoninfulleffect.com/2013/02/07/sun-in-aries-moon-in-scorpio-night-terrors-primal-instincts-and-going-deep-cover/
> One of the more curious web pages I've seen recently.
>           Jim Bell

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