John McAfee Runs For US President In 2016 Under Cyber Party

Razer Rayzer at
Sat Sep 12 08:21:56 PDT 2015

On 09/11/2015 10:47 PM, Juan wrote:
> Of course, the guy who wrote that 'declaration of independence'
> 	and his accomplices were incredibly sick pieces of shit who
> 	used libertarian political theory as facade for the
> 	'foundation'  of a literal slave society. Freedom is slavery.
> 	Good old Orwell wasn't just talking about the future...

To wit, here's a critical US history book that was popular at US
colleges during the 60s by Richard Hofstadter called "The American
Political Tradition"!2A8EkYiS!ml3aaZOp1dngBd_M6GprwkXGD9ZhFqaa-Xmfiadb928
(pdf, 34mb)

If you do not read anything else, read the forward and the first chapter
about our 'founding fathers'. Sick pieces of shit... OFC the author
doesn't refer to them as such but the picture painted is tainted by it.

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