Anyone familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques? I have a mystery.

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at
Sat Sep 12 06:07:27 PDT 2015

On Sat, 2015-09-12 at 03:18 +0000, jim bell wrote:
> For those who can help, please do a Google search for 'Bell further
> alleged in his 2003'
> You will notice that there are MANY results that contain that phrase,
> but have something close to gibberish, before and after it.  Some
> results are genuine, but most are apparently not.  I suspect that I am
> the victim of some sort of SEO-techniques, attempting to cover up the
> fact of the fake, forged appeal case 99-30210.  I suspect that the
> following company had something to do with it:
>  See, for
> instance,

I don't think they are targeting you. It looks like, for better or
worse, that phrase and the case number have become part of some
"boilerplate" SEO spam or "Lorem ipsum." Congratulations, I guess...?

There are "sewer rat" SEO consultants/firms use highly questionable
techniques to game Google, Bing, and other search engines. I get spam
for them all the time via a contact form on a personal site I'm about to
shut down. Obviously, they cannot read the notice I've put on the
contact form page.

The best defense against this is may be to better advertise what they
are trying to drown out with the spam, either intentionally or not. As a
practical matter, two of the most relevant pages are the top two
results. Is there something else you want to be sure is out there in
regards to this, besides what's said in Isaak Crofton's book and

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