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Dnia piątek, 11 września 2015 01:27:34 Zenaan Harkness pisze:
> On 9/11/15, Nathan wrote:
> > WTF?  I've read this *twice* and I *still* don't get it.....  Is this an
> > argument against multiculturalism?
> That's not the question - the question is, does each individual human
> of a nation have the right to protect their current, existing culture?

Of course I can defend my culture. But there are two crucial questions here:
 - from what can I defend my culture;
 - with what means can I defend my culture.

Can I defend my culture verbally from somebody talking shit about it? Sure.
Can I defend my culture with force from an armed aggressor? Sure.

Can I "defend my culture" from people who had to leave their homes due to war?
How would I even "defend my culture" in such a scenario? Deport them all for 
certain death? Imprison them?..

Asking the "can one defend their culture" question without asking the other 
two is really underhanded and disingenuous. It's akin to asking "can one 
defend themselves" in the context of a Police officer killing an unarmed
13-year-old kid with a watergun.

Are we really to say that our culture is so weak, so vulnerable, so hard to 
defend that an influx of immigrants that amounts to 0,03% (yes, three-
hundredths of a percent!)[1] of the whole population of the EU is suddenly a 
real threat?

[1] estimated 160 000 immigrants, estimated 508 million EU citizens

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