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Tom tom at vondein.org
Thu Sep 10 23:39:05 PDT 2015


I am german, so let's look at your question:

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 11:44:52PM +0000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > In the face of genetics, which reveals that inter-german variability far
> > outstrips the genetic basis of what we define as "race", I'd like to see
> > you define "Ethnicity" meaningfully.
> What does that matter to the essence of the question?

It does. Because there's no uniform ethnicity or whatever you might call
it, in a country, at least not in germany. Germans are: Saxons,
Bavarians, Saarländers, Turks, Roma, Blacks, Asians, Moslems,
Everything. There is a mix of people with different backgrounds,
different religions (or no religion), different ancestors. Their sum
forms what we know today as the "german culture", whatever that might

> So do we citizens of [pick your nation] have the right to protect the
> status quo within our nation, to protect it against dilution from
> immigration or asylum, or must we allow the attractions that our
> nation presents to would be immigrants (whatever arises in their mind
> in this regard) to be enough of a test for immigration/ asylum?

Or course not.

All humans are refugees or descendants or refugees. Look at north
america. Coloured people came from africa (well, they didn't exactly
"came", they've been brought), caucasians came from europe, the natives
even came from siberia (50.000 years ago or something). Those migrations
happened all the time during the last 2 mio years over human history.

Therefore, to claim to have a right to live in a uniform culture,
undisturbed by newcomers, is arrogant and absurd. And even if such a
right might exist, the right to live trumps it anyway.

Wanna send back children into a war zone because Oktoberfest?


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