Fwd: Do ethnic Germans have the right to racial and cultural strength? - was Re: At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves.

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Sep 10 16:44:52 PDT 2015

On 9/10/15, C wrote:
> In the face of genetics, which reveals that inter-german variability far
> outstrips the genetic basis of what we define as "race", I'd like to see
> you define "Ethnicity" meaningfully.

What does that matter to the essence of the question?

The fundamental question is the same, whatever words we use. A rose is
a rose by any other name.

Perhaps we could ask "currently franchised (those who may vote)
Germans" - the point is, do those who are presently gathered in a
current physical 'locality' have the right to protect their current
racial/ genetic/ demographic/ cultural/ political/ religious "mix",
whatever it is, against dilution from immigration, asylum,
"democratic" coup (e.g. Ukraine today) or religious missionaries of
any faith?

The opium wars in China suggest that trying to infiltrate ones
religion into a 'foreign' nation may not be altogether appreciated by
the locals - and Islamic Muslims are pretty vehement about this too
from what I hear - why shouldn't predominantly Christian (or
atheistic, or ...) nations be similarly intolerant to a diluting
influx of those of different think?

> This is equally topical to the Conch Republic; as others visit and
> settle on their soil, how do they defend their innate Conch-ness
> ethnicity from outside dilution? I demand answers.

Well yes, about a day after the email starting this thread, I sent a
similar one modified appropriately for Australians as an on-topic
reply to another email about Australia's increase in "Syrian refugees"
now also to occur here - but I figured for the purposes of this list
that one version of essentially the same email was probably enough :)


So do we citizens of [pick your nation] have the right to protect the
status quo within our nation, to protect it against dilution from
immigration or asylum, or must we allow the attractions that our
nation presents to would be immigrants (whatever arises in their mind
in this regard) to be enough of a test for immigration/ asylum?

I.e., do the current locals of
Germany/Australia/Hungary/Italy/Greece/Conch Replubic, have a "valid
right" to object to their politicians "throwing the doors wide open",
as Austria and Germany have recently done?

You don't have to be Nazi, to want your racial and cultural strength,
however you define that thank you you're welcome.


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