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Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Sep 10 04:10:44 PDT 2015

On 9/10/15, John Young <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:
> If its only about politics, why add to the monotonous brain-rot drivel.

One man's brain-rot drivel is another man's "ahah!" moment.

> Cypherpunks list covers politics and everything else, without

That's what I thought ... except every now and then there are those
who don't want to hear comparative Russia-USA political talk, or
pro-Russia bias, or Australia-is-kinda-off-topic, or etc.

It is not my will to bypass the consensus intention for cypherpunks@
list; far from it - thus in the face of the "please can we keep
cypherpunks@ on-topic" whines, I figured we must be missing the list
some of us would like.

Whatever people want ... just needs to be clear, since "that's
offtopic!!!!!" and "you know who you are" get a little tiring after a

> chopping up into marked-up and branded packages: politics,
> civil liberties, NSA, crypto, privacy, online diddly. each with its
> own political agenda, lobbyists, PACs, Dear Leaders, bribery,
> followers, deranged oligarchs.

Sure. My intention with politicopunks@ was to actually be "everything
that does not fit on cypherpunks@".

Some fokls around here seem to think various political topics are
offtopic for cypherpunks. I've only been here a year, so I don't
really know and just want a forum where it's ok to post anything I
personally find worth discussion.

> Sure, cypherpunks suffers from
> the same diseases as politics but, praise the holy founders,
> suffers them all at once, not piecemeal, so develops anti-bodies
> for all of them, to send the worms and germs to fight it out on
> monodrone-weakened corpuses.


> Finally, last two hours of a question soon over, cypherpunks
> has gone through a long list of failures due to politics rising to
> the surface as if that's all there is worth cut-throating about.
> Offshoots have been set up to avoid politics as a topic, or
> some other forbidden fruit iconizing a moderator's tits and ads.

Forbidden fruit indeed - perfect terminology :)

If cypherpunks be unforbidden - as long as a poster has the stomach to
post - great :)

>  From those cpunk-siphoning Ashley Madisons have come weirdly
> deformed creatures and mindsets, missing some capabilities,
> overloaded with others -- evolving into the frankensteins of
> secretkeeping, thematic dwarfs and thuggish giants, you might
> say, like politicians and their sharks, press agents, campaign
> and polling leeches determined and amply paid to make
> politics the premier gobbler of subscribers' beliefs and fellow
> soldiers of murderous religion.

Thanks John,

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