Repbin release v0.0.2

jim bell jdb10987 at
Wed Sep 9 14:48:56 PDT 2015

>About Repbin:
>Repbin is an encrypted pastebin for the command line that runs over Tor!
>Repbin servers form a distributed network where nodes sync posts with
>each other (like in Usenet or BBS/Fido systems). This makes Repbin
>resilient and scalable. Repbin focuses on privacy (encrypted messages)
>and anonymity (padding and repost chains). To limit spam and
>denial-of-service attacks, Repbin uses the Hashcash proof-of-work
>algorithm which is widely known from Bitcoin mining.
>Learn more about Repbin here:
Has anybody ever considered the idea of doing otherwise-useful CPU work with the power currently expended  by computing hashes in Bitcoin mining?  The most obvious application would be weather forecasting:  It could use a huge amount of computation, on a continuously ongoing basis, and is valuable to every nation on earth.  Whether it can be lasso'ed into a bitcoin-mining engine, I don't know.              Jim Bell

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