How Putin Controls the Internet and Popular Opinion in Russia

Anton Nesterov komachi at
Wed Sep 9 07:14:29 PDT 2015

John Young:
> This from the journalists who check with USG before publishing Snowden
> documents as Snowden allegedly requires "to avoid harm to the US."
Soldatov is actually critical of Snowden mainly because of this

> Fingerpointing at Putin is obligatory for those working the Broadcasting
> Board of Governors propaganda beat.
It's not fingerpointing. US is not the only country with surveillance.
Russia has surveillance. Many surveillance.

> The Internet as an unprecedented global spying and propaganda machine
> has been long noted and carefully exploited by all varieties of spies and
> media -- used by all governments, but by US first and foremost.
SORM works from 2000, it's hard to compare Russian and US surveillance
technologically, but Russia use it on larger scale for sure. SORM covers
100% of Internet connections, installing SORM is forced by law. But even
if US has the most advanced surveillance system, it doesn't mean that
you should ignore surveillance in other countries.

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