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> It's in Russian.Here is the automatic translation:
> Bitnation released blokcheyn system of public administration
> BY IMPGUN on 2015/06/04 • (53)Bitnation, project development blokcheyn system of public administration 2.0, headed by charismatic founder Suzanne Tarkovsky-Templhof (Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof), released an alpha version of the platformBitnation Pangea. The release is version 0.1.0, and can not boast of stability and broad functionality, but it is based on the idea of a truly revolutionary and can have important consequences.«Bitnation - an operating system for the public administration 2.0, designed to undermine the oligopoly of nation states due to more convenient, secure and cost-effective management services, - said Bitcoin Magazine Templhof Tarkovsky, who worked for many years in various troubled regions of the world. - As the world due to globalization leaves the current paradigm of the nation-state, it is possible to implement a completely new solution that enables service providers to many competing public administration to take the place of states which for centuries m
intained its geographical monopoly violent means. "Developers Bitnation Pangea want to create a platform for the world's first nation to blokcheyne that would provide all the services of traditional states and replace them with voluntary communities. The ultimate goal Bitnation - to create a new world in which everyone will be able to choose their nation, few nations do not choose none at all, or even create their own nation on the platform Bitnation.
> "The alternative, which is now leaning to the world - a global organization in the spirit of the United Nations that the management plan will be even worse than the current structures, because they will try to mow one size fits all - says Tarkovsky-Templhof. - We strive to Bitnation prevent this development by creating an environment of competing service providers using blokcheyn Bitcoin - in fact, to develop a protocol kriptonatsy open source. "
> The core platform consists of a system for tracking identity and reputation (passport Bitnation), of dispute resolution, the notary and libraries (decentralized) management applications in the style of "do it yourself", with which users can create, upload to the network, spread in share or sell their own (decentralized) management applications. The plans - services for marriages and wills, contracts for child care, birth certificates of land ownership, the establishment of corporations and trade interests in them, unemployment insurance and health insurance, pensions, security and diplomatic services.Alpha release, which is updated in real time in response to user feedback in discussion groups Bitnation, already includes some interesting features such as the ability to register blokcheyne document with a time stamp.Previous pilot projects include Bitnation first marriage registered in blokcheyne, and first-blokcheyn passport. Bitnation also developed land registry and successfully 
ested it in Ghana, where 70% of the land is not registered any property rights, which discourages investment and lending on the security of land.After studying many blokcheyn protocols developers Bitnation for the release of the first release of Pangea joined forces with the founders of Project Horizon and Blocknet. The alpha version used blokcheyn Horizon, but the technology will support Blocknet and other blokcheynov. According to Tarkovsky-Templhof, future releases will not be limited Pangea blokcheynami altkoynov, and be able to use blokcheyn Bitcoin, which should positively influence the prospects of the project.
> «Bitnation - it is a truly innovative concept, and we are pleased to provide them with a platform for development - said Arlene Kalvik (Arlyn Culwick), one of the project participants Blocknet. - We believe that providing interaction blokcheynov, Blocknet will help unlock the full potential of blokcheyn technologies. "«Bitnation - a revolutionary idea, which we believe will radically change the world for the better - said Tarkovsky-Templhof in the previous press release. - And yet, as we are the first one who really tries to challenge the relevance of the construct of nation-states to implement existing ideas is sometimes not easy. "
> One of the main problems is the financing of the project, so the group Bitnation, which until recently largely relied on the efforts of volunteers willing to accept moderate investment by business angels, to create a more solid basis for development.Giulio Prisco (Guilio Prisco), May 20, 2015Source:

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