Hackers spent at least a year spying on Mozilla to discover Firefox security holes – and exploit them

rysiek rysiek at hackerspace.pl
Mon Sep 7 09:24:26 PDT 2015

Dnia niedziela, 6 września 2015 23:14:03 Ryan Carboni pisze:
> I realize Chrome is basically a version of spyware or adware. It does
> direct you to google by default.
> But, it's the same dilemma with Tor exit nodes. At least with your
> ISP, not just any one can offer you internet service. With a tor exit
> node, anyone with a few thousand bucks could be running it.
> Although what am I saying? I never paid a cent for Firefox.

Also, Chromium.  Why anybody uses Chrome is beyond me.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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