Hackers spent at least a year spying on Mozilla to discover Firefox security holes – and exploit them

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Sep 5 15:43:55 PDT 2015

Every upgrade of Mozilla (and all browsers) has diminished security
and increased ads and user profiling.

Sites which nag visitors to upgrade to latest versions are complicit.
So too are ad blockers and security promoters part of the racket.

Unceasing program upgrades, nagging and underwriting hacking
security panic are Silicon Valley-Alley fracking. No surprise that
FVEY capitalizes on the eagerness to cooperate against Net

Man in the Machine about Jobs hardly scratches the surface,
complicit too in the hawking of cyber derring do in the Era of
Snowden Without Harming the US: "Be sure to use encryption,"
Jobs would applaud that planned parenthood documentrary.

At 06:10 PM 9/5/2015, you wrote:
>On Sat, 5 Sep 2015 18:35:37 +0300
>Georgi Guninski <guninski at guninski.com> wrote:
> > Likely the mozilla u$a comrades caught the less skilled attackers,
> > not those with r00t access (having in mind what a mess
> > their code is).
> >
>         Ah, but firefox keeps getting an even cooler GUI every day. 
> How can you not like them?

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