William F. Friedman documents now on Internet Archive

Michael Best themikebest at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 15:09:29 PDT 2015

I uploaded the 7,000+ Friedman NSA docs to the Internet Archive and used
the metadata to rename the titles into something a little easier for humans
to read and sort.


The complete set of Friedman docs are also included in the NSA FOIA vault
at https://archive.org/details/NSA-FOIA-Vault (
https://archive.org/compress/NSA-FOIA-Vault to get the entire vault in a
single zip). To grab just the Friedman docs and not the rest of the NSA
FOIA vault, go to
https://archive.org/download/NSA-FOIA-Vault/Friedman%20Documents.7z   -- I
should point out that the collected version includes the metadata file, but
file names are unchanged and unassociated with human readable titles.

These are the same copies released through the NSA's website, just a bit
easier to sort and read.

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