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i just want to share the news that all of the hard work that has gone
into the library freedom project paid off today at kilton library.
despite pressure from the us federal government, which pulled out every
card to sell fear that they had in their hat, the local community
refused to accept it and thought on a global level to support the
library's choice to offer a tor relay to the public.

this is truly a monumental moment. libraries in the usa have often been
the target of hostile actions that threaten the first amendment of the
us constitution and the privacy rights of people. through a long string
of legal battles, libraries have earned an extraordinary position that
provides them with the ability to offer services that could land other
people in significant legal battles which become both legally and
politically difficult to close down.

i'd just like to say thank you to everyone involved in the library
freedom project who came up with the idea and didn't run away from the
fight. this is an excellent beginning.

if you can, please send your support to the library freedom project.

this is a great victory for today.

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