German man gets a little fed up with media lies about refugees - youtube

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Sep 13 01:33:00 PDT 2015

I found this here:
"Think Germans Aren't Fed Up with Their Media (and the US)? Listen to
This Man (Video) "

The video has subtitles for those who don't speak German. This is the filename:
German man could not hear media lies about refugees _ Eng Subs-c1PEWCmEMJM.mp4

The video is "only" 6.7MiB. It's quite short.

This is the youtube direct address:

For those with command line download ability (yes, you can keep a copy
:) this is the command:
youtube-dl --all-subs


PS Here is the transcript for those who might struggle to download a
youtube - although I recommend the youtube, it is enjoyable :)
Music: Are you holding us for fools?
People, I cant believe it! I am listening to the news.
I am in the car again,
listening to SWR3, and they are really saying believe it or not...
that the reasons for refugee flows are
Syrian President Bashar Assad and ISIS.
These are the reasons for the waves of refugees.
Are you holding us for fools?
Nobody from our God forsaken, impudent, shitty,
state serving media is saying that
America is the cause of all these problems,
American foreign policy.
Nobody is talking, everybody is keeping quiet.
Assad and ISIS (are guilty)
Who is responsible for the chaos in this whole region?
Americans supported ISIS in fight against Assad.
Same way they supported Taliban in fight against Russians.
Same way they supported Nazis in fight against Communists, against Russia,
against Soviet Union.
Americans are ready to support even devil himself
to accomplish their goal.
And if the devil goes out of control,
like Nazis, Taliban or as ISIS now...
they, again, are not telling
that they are behind this.
God dammit!!!
People have to believe this shitty media
that Assad and ISIS are responsible.
But how did ISIS come to be?
In the end everybody is fighting the symptoms again,
and nobody wants to name the root cause.
I'm ready to explode in anger
because they are fooling us again.
Yes, they are fooling us again.
And I cannot wait until video shoot on Saturday.
I am gonna be jumping 3 times higher there
because I am really mad about this blatant lie in the media
who make me very angry.
This is insolence toward all people!!
First they lay the ground for the chaos with refugees
and than, they don't name the cause, God dammit!!!
And for the price of suffering of these poor people
the whole region is gonna be bombed anyways.
And they don't give a damn what's left after.
The main thing is to get mineral resources (oil, etc).
I am sick of this, I am throwing up in anger
from this shit I am hearing again on the radio.
Turn of this damn radio.
I am listening to this only to know
what kind of sleazy language they are using
so that people would dumb down and go crazy.
F*cking media and press!!!
I am sick of this.
DIE STIMME DES ZORNS, C-Rebell-um [Voice of Anger].

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