Brazil hero homeless man dead after save a woman from gunman

Felipe Felipe fe.peressim at
Mon Sep 7 22:57:30 PDT 2015

Is brazilian security a joke? I'm from brazil and just wonder why things
like that still are happening here. Is the cops from here a joke? Yes they
are. I 've already been beaten by them without do anything just for walking
in the streets, but when good people need them , they nothing do.

They have had a chance to shot the man who had the woman, but besides they
didn't anything they also let a citizen homeless get close of the killer,
and they used to shot more than 30 times in the killer.
The killer had been arrested more than 10 times, drug trafficking, attemped
tp murder, aggression, resistance and many other things, he had got more
than 20 years in jail and was in the streets free and armed. Is that our
justice just do, let killers and bad people walk free among the citizens.

Both men are homeless people and the killer was always been in walking with
the gun in this place. That place that happend this is in the cathedral of
Sé in São Paulo, too many foreign use to visit this place, because is the
biggest church of Brazil and a historical place, that happend on last
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