[resend] France - sadly not a friend of principle or truth

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Sat Nov 28 11:55:32 PST 2015

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> DAMN! Could have SWORN I sent this unencrypted! NOt sure Seamonkeymail
> is playing nice with enigmail
> Endless wrote:
> > such a position would be rapidly contradicted when comparing Putin's
> > attitude towards the right of LGBT people to exist
> I want to shut this line of reasoning down once and for all (I know...
> good luck!)
> Vladimir Putin could really give a flying fuck who one fucks. No one
> in Russia really does, and making table conversation out of one's
> sexual preferences is a uniquely 'Merican phenome. 

	I was about to mention that in the 'liberal', 'progressive',
	morally perfect, puritan, jew-christain 'west', homosexuals have
	been second class subjects for a looong time, AND, for instance,
	according to the masters of the universe, 'sodomy' was a
	'crime' until a few years ago 


> Last week some guy
> at my favorite coffee shop, who I barely know, started telling me, at
> SEVEN AM, about the transgendered person he met last night and how
> sex with the TG was a whole new... Get the picture? TMI! I couldn't
> shut the guy up until I literally started screaming at him, bringing
> the verbal altercation to the attention of a not-amused barista.
> Russia is making laws about discussing LGBT, if indeed the law even
> does that (can't tell by US reporting of the issue),  because THE
> ONLY PEOPLE who would care to do so ... are people with AGENDAS. Ie.
> George Soros' color-rev bffs. A while back I read an article about a
> LGBT nightclub in St Petersburg that was thrashed by an alleged
> anti-gay 'wrecking crew'. The bar owner said, and I quote, "They
> weren't from around here". Right. There's your 'color revolutionary'
> CIA team at work doing some perception management.
> RR
> Ps. The US military is DESPERATE for soldiers, and if you gay and
> stupid, and have no morals or ethics, YOU can be "Liberated" and join
> the murder machine. 

	Pretty Good Point.

A good number of war stories I've read recently in
> the US media pander to how gay people are being oppressed in X country
> we're on the verge of war with, so put down the butt plug boy, and
> enlist!

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