US Congress Vows To Criminalize First Amendment in re Paris

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> First, Clinton is a fucking witch.

	that's pretty insulting to witches who actually were outcasts
	persecuted by the jew-christian mafia.

> "So we need Silicon Valley not to view government as its adversary."
> Second, of course government is the adversary of corporation, 


> as it
> is anything else it has power and of regulation over, including you.
> To try to claim it's not is a lie. And stupidly fails to recognize the
> Three Great Divides... the people, the govt, the corp.

	Not really following...If anything, The Great Divide is
	government/corporations on one hand and 'the people' on the

> Unfortunately, unlike a lot of SV who resist govt (largely deriving
> from the peoples market), some corp 

> have fallen to doing very well at
> sucking at the teat of govt... Hello MIC.

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