Pride and Legacy Thinking is a Tired Old Bitch

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 15 23:05:53 PST 2015

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 4:06 AM, oshwm <oshwm at> wrote:
You rightly and smoothly integrated crypto into every existing app
so that people can use crypto. As with my Apple comment, that's
respectable, I believe smooth integration is possible such that it
ends up being used without much thought. So that's cool, and

But note the fatal error: "into every *existing* app".
There is no practical threat against crypto itself.
However we have serious threats to the privacy
once thought achievable with crypto alone...
rooted in the protocols and centralization of every *existing* app.
So privacy is now unsolvable with them still in the picture, no
matter what crypto you throw at it or how you throw it.

And if you integrate crypto into them as they exist
today, you become fucked forever [1]... because you've
just now given sheep the crypto they subliminally want in the back
of their head, and thus to them the problem is solved. But we know
it's not. It doesn't cover metadata nor misplace of trust in central

I say you must say fuck the current apps and hold
out the crypto integration for better replacements
that address those issues as well.

Otherwise it's still a soggy sandwich.

The question is perhaps, central or decentral.
I believe that with the right approach,cpunks can make decentral a
mass market win.

[1] As in: "Now that we have IPv6, it's going to last a
hell of a long time."

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