Ethical Tor

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Wed Nov 11 18:59:05 PST 2015

> On 11/11/2015 12:27 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> >* <>
> *> >* Interesting problem: to use Tor is to say you trust your ISP less than
> *>* some pseudorandom person over the internet.
> *
> Sadly enough, that's often prudent. Some ISPs are honorable, for sure.
> But many are duplicitous scum.
> In any case, it's more accurate to say that about your VPN provider.
> With Tor, you're trusting the system, but system integrity is resilient
> to malicious nodes. So you're not trusting any one of them fully, even
> your entry guard, as much as you would have been trusting your ISP.
Correct, it would be prudent to avoid using port 80 over Tor for anything
personally identifiable.
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