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oshwm oshwm at openmailbox.org
Mon Nov 9 14:03:03 PST 2015

Gonna top post cos I can :P

If I seem angry then it is because everyone seems to say that making a
nice easy to use User Interface will solve all the problems with people
not using crypto.
This is not the case, Enigmail is a pretty easy to use UI for PGP and
yet ordinary people aren't using it.

The vast majority of people (not through their own fault, originally)
have been programmed to be spoon fed the answers to their needs, not
question authority and to only have a 20 second attention span.

These are the issues that need addressing, pretty crypto is useful but
it will not address these issues.
So, go ahead and make pretty crypto UI and see how much of a difference
it makes, or find a way (and I'm at a loss myself here) to motivate the
sheeple to invest time and effort and overcome their programming.

On 09/11/15 21:41, Tomas Overdrive Petru wrote:
> On 08/11/15 08:40, Peter Gutmann wrote:
>>> oshwm <oshwm at openmailbox.org> writes:
>>>> Can GPG be easier to use, I think so, is it too difficult to use by ordinary
>>>> people - no, they're just too fucking lazy and lack motivation.
>>> ... and this is pretty much the poster child for why we have so much unusable
>>> crypto today.
>> Or, why we have such a fucking retarded human race with the attention
>> span of a knat who expect everything to be given to them on a plate.
>> People have to stop being lazy and start taking an interest and
>> responsibility for what goes on in the world around them - your point of
>> view re-inforces the dumbing down of the population and the increase in
>> power of the Government and big Corps.
>>> Peter.
> Really? So what is purpose of this thread if I can ask? To complain that
> ordinary people are sheep?
> Whata new approach whata invention.
> What do you expect? Why people are so easily pressed and tend to follow
> dictators? Why somebody even tend to be solider or why people do eat
> meet when it is not necessary.
> I know there will be a lot of chain of arguing against controversy of
> eating meet now.
> Please fck this. We already know, that most of people will never care
> about crypto without our help.
> I feel mood on this thread as mood of angry barking dog but pretty
> toothless. We are not.
> We can teach, script and just do it better and without extreme barriers
> for people to adopt crypto seamlessly.
> We do not need to have it perfect, same as robots are not perfect when
> driving. It is just enough to be better than average.
> Telegram is step [however crypto is implemented], Open Whisper Systems
> is doing huge amount of work.
> No reason of this half bitter and half angry tone.
> Now it could be right time to stand against nonsense regulation again.
> It happened already in time of PIPA, SOPA...
> So lets bark on right target not to "ordinary people".
> regards,
> Over

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